centropicasso | Private lessons
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Private lessons

“Centro Picasso” offers the possibility to learn Spanish individually with a Spanish professor. The context of private classes is planned according to the interests and aims of the student. Private classes are ideal for beginners as well as for advanced Spanish speakers!

It is possible to apply for private lessons after the beginning of the semester if there is availability. Purchase of a textbook is upon student´s own interests and professor´s suggestions. Price of the textbook – 20 EUR.

To find out about the availability, please contact us by email: riga@centropicasso.com or by phone: +371 28325624


Discount may be applied if purchased more lessons at one time. The classes can be used during the entire semester.

Private lessons 60 min

Private lesson 60min 25,00€ (1 person) and 40,00€ (2 people, 20,00€ per person)

Purchase of 15 lessons 60min (1 person) 330,00€ and 495,00€ (2 people, 247,50€ per person)

Private lessons 90 min

Private lesson 90min 37,00€ (1 person) and 50,00€ (2 people, 25,00€ per person)

Purchase of 10 lessons 90min (1 person) 330,00€ and 495,00€ (2 people, 247,50€ per person)