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Our professors



Ismael is a qualified teacher of Spanish language, born in Barcelona, Spain. He has a solid knowledge teaching his mother tongue, broad notions of Hispanic literature and a long experience living abroad. He has lived throughout his life in different countries: Spain, Tunisia, Gambia, Germany and now Latvia. He has completed a degree in Hispanic Philology and a master´s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Complutense University of Madrid, and speaks English fluently, as well as has a good knowledge of French, German and Arabic. His passions are travelling, teaching languages and contacting and discovering cultures different from his own.



Originally from León, in the North of Spain, Paula studied Latin and Ancient Greek at the University of Valladolid, where she lived for six years. After graduating, her interest for languages moved her to focus on teaching Spanish, her native language, to keep on learning and treasuring new experiences. Recently she has finished her Master on Spanish Teaching. Paula enjoys theater, travelling and discovering new places guided by the local people.