centropicasso | Regular courses
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Regular courses

Regular courses for groups of A1-C1 levels (Please contact us individually while there are restrictions in the country)

Duration: 30.03.2020. - 12.06.2020.

Lessons twice a week Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays

Price of the textbook - 30 EUR. For all A levels the textbook is valid for 4 semesters. For all B1 and B2 levels the book is valid for 2 semesters each. For C1 levels the textbook is upon request.

Full price
5% discount
10% discount
Total priceMonthly paymentTotal priceMonthly paymentTotal priceMonthly payment
Regular course240,00€80,00€228,00€76,00€216,00€72,00€


23.03.2020. - 27.03.2020. Spring Holidays

13.04.2020. Easter Monday

14.04.2020. Holiday

01.05.2020. Labour Day

04.05.2020. Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia

05.05.2020. Holiday